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Introducing the Mk 1.

Compact electric mobility is a new category of bicycles that will change the way we move through cities. The Mk 1 combines the effortless joy of riding electric with the flexibility of folding your bicycle and the security of storing it safely inside.

Unlock New Journeys

People love to cycle. But cities have changed, our travel needs have changed and sometimes a bike just isn’t the best option for the journey you have to make. The Mk 1 is our answer to those journeys.

Get up to speed instantly and effortlessly

The Mk 1 adds a spark of electric power to your ride, which means you’ll pick up momentum in no time, again and again.

25 km/h was never this easy

By making it easy to reach and maintain a comfortable cruising speed of 25 km/h we think you’ll choose to cycle more often and enjoy yourself more while riding.

Fold and unfold, it’s as easy as that

By folding the Mk 1 in four easy steps it can go where other bikes can’t, allowing you to use it for even more of your journeys.

Keep it with you, always

Roll the Mk 1 along with you while folded and take it with you wherever you go.

Compact also means lightweight

The Mk 1 weighs less than 15kg including an internal battery (1.4kg) which can be charged while in the bike or after removing it from the frame.

Store it safely inside

Never worry about theft or damage again. When folded you can store the Mk 1 under your desk or in the hallway.

More control over your day

Compact electric mobility means having a bike that will adapt to your travel needs, so you can go anywhere anytime. One battery charge will last you 45 km at the highest level of support.

Electric mobility shouldn’t break the bank

Compact electric mobility is going to be a central part of how we move through cities. We want to make the benefits it has to offer available to everyone, so the Mk 1 has been designed for a price range that is accessible to all.

Total cycled: 36,2 km
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